tasteful interior design made affordable with Quadratmeta.

Quadratmeta offers you individual living concepts that supports customers with their furniture problems and is also of high quality and very important affordable.


In order to achieve the best solutions for your project, creativity as well as Quadratmeta's aesthetic and spatial sense are our main characteristics to transform a space from usual to unusual. With our all about care we offer you everything you could wish for in order to complete an unproblematic course of work. Starting from complete restructuring up the space in 3D drawings, custom made furniture until built walls. Always on mind the modern standards that appreciate the finer things in life. We work with a professional team of construction workers, painters, upholsterers and plasterers who have a lot of experience with the renovation of old houses and ornaments as with modern houses. We can help you plan and manage your entire project while giving advice about creative and functional choices.


We always like a combination of vintage and modern, which can be seen in various of our interior design projects. In fact embracing contrasting styles can give your home a liveliness and texture that rooms with all matchy-matchy furniture can't touch.


what we Offer

Interior Design Projects  

personal advice on site

sketches & mood boards

3D space planning

light planning




furniture design

furniture made to measure

individual extensions




Renovation Projects

site inspections

conceptual development

construction management

execution of the design



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